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Kabir – Dubai, UAE 05-July 2016It’s said that best things in life come unannounced. My aunt who recently got very ill and needed someone to take care of her permanently. Since I was the only one willing to help her i had to move into her house that was in a different city than mine. Discussing with friends about my problem i was recommended the services of RC Movers in Dubai. I visited there office nearby and was delighted to receive such warm guidance and attitude even though I hadn’t accepted their services than. I was visited by a RC Dubai Movers Customer Representative shortly who in really commendable time arranged all the things necessary and in only a short amount of 2 days the entire contents of my 2 storey house were packed, stacked and loaded ready to go. All the shipping and handling and the formalities regarding it were already taken care of and all the furniture was replaced by my aunt’s in only a few mere hours. I was completely surprised by how easily and like a smoothly oiled machine everything worked out since i was expecting a lot of fatigue, stress, halts and lots of breakages but all i had to do was literally only reach my new place with not a single causality. Never before had i settled so well in just about 3-5 days and that too in a new city. All the services that RC Movers in Dubai UAE offered were beyond par, the entire staff was very co-operative with my nit-picky nature and the entire move functioned just like i wanted. If you ask me, there is no one quite like them currently. RC Dubai Movers goes highly recommended by me.


Customer Review:
Deepak Chawla – Dubai, UAE 29-August 2015
I am a 48 year old man and since childhood i have had a change of at-least 9 residences 4 of which were in the last 8 years due to job requirements. I remember it being the most tiring experience ever since i was a kid and only had to look up to the time when i actually had to get involved in the work. However my views changed drastically with the last move. My increasingly weak body needed some assistance in carrying out the most recent move and i was recommended RC Movers by an acquaintance. Deeply exhausted i just dialled them up and later visited there website (also exquisitely assistive). A day or two after a cheery man greets me early,
introduces himself as a RC Movers representative and later takes up all the measurements of the things to be moved. I was just preparing myself for the worst but within a small amount of time a moving truck came, a group of
uniformed people got out and in literally the smallest amount of time ever in my 48 years carefully packaged, piled and then transported my valuables over to my new house. That was it… i was surprised that such a tedious task was done in
mere hours with 0.0000 hours of work done by me. I was even offered real estate
advisory and maid services (surprised) to which i refused but believe me, its
one hell of a move i will surely remember, why ? because i actually enjoyed it.
Thank You RC Movers.


Subhash Suri – Dubai, UAE 15-October 2015There are numerous moving companies in Dubai where I am based. I don’t really move that much but recently a new job forced me to move. I had to complete the move within a short time period to start working. I typed up moving services in UAE and one of the top names i came across was RC Dubai Movers. Never having experienced them yet having to complete it soon enough made me choose them. I rang up the their office and after getting engaged numbers numerous times i finally set an appointment for the move. I was offered a rather large suite of services out of which i opted for a rather affordable and simple move including Packing, Moving and there estate agency service along with them placing everything where i wanted. It cost me quite less as i would like to think so. The workers were quite friendly and i noticed they took special care of handling the cartons. After I bid them farewell i was quite satisfied with what i was served with. So easily and so economically I found a new place in a prime spot (Thank you RC Dubai Movers estate agency service) and i was moved there. All i had to do was go there myself and settle. I always knew moving was a disaster. With RC Movers, i don’t think so. Thank you RC Movers. you have my recommendation to anyone inquiring about movers.

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