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Things Not to Do While Plaining To Move

When it comes to moving then we can talk about aspects that can be emotional yet exciting at the same time and when we talk about packing then it is probably the least exciting part that we don’t talk about. However, it is one of the most crucial parts of moving because without having proper packing you will always be stressed about damaging your stuff. Ask any moving company in Dubai and they will always recommend you to go for the right packing method because oftentimes, people will commit mistakes that will cause damage to your belonging, and here are the mistakes to avoid by expert movers in Dubai that will let you have the best moving experience.

Stop Leaving Empty Space in Boxes

One of the major mistakes that DIY packers do is they will leave space in the box and this can make huge damage to your belongings, especially in the case of breakable items. Because of the empty spaces in the box, the breakable items will come in contact with one another and they will cause breakage when the stacked boxes will be pushed around. Every item should be packed with proper padding and filling that should be filled and packed firmly. You can save your delicate items from being broken and chipped. If you are going to buy packing supplies from Packers and Movers in Dubai then you shouldn’t save on wrapping paper and bubble cushions. If there are empty spaces in the packing boxes then you can fill them with packing paper, a clean bath towel, or bubble wrap. This will make the things in the packing boxes immobilized. Once you have filled the box then lift and shake it for any sound of stuff, if so then you should fill the space and check again.

Packing of Forbidden Items

Another common mistake is packing the stuff that is considered hazardous for the packing certain items for the moving truck and then finding out later that it was forbidden by the moving company in Dubai because of it being hazardous. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you are just going to waste your energy and effort n packing prohibited items. This is why you should check the list of prohibited items from the moving company. Check the list and pack accordingly so you will not get surprised on moving day. Most of the packers and movers In Dubai will not deliver fragile items such as unboxed table lamps, printers, and computers that can be broken while delivering. Though cabinets with clothing items in them can be transferred directly bit certain items such as desks, refrigerators, and nightstands cannot be transferred because they will need to be emptied first.

Also, hazardous items such as dangerous chemicals, guns, and ammunition are included in this list as well. Certain items such as Aerosol cans, charged scuba tanks, Charcoal/lighter fluid, cleaning solvents, Darkroom chemicals, Fireworks, Fire extinguishers and more require special care and cannot be packed and transferred directly. If you have household plants then transferring them through trucks may damage them so it is better to take them personally. If you can’t them leave it to your friend who can take care of them. Food items shouldn’t be packed in moving boxes as they can get worse while being transported. So what you should do is to consult with the Professional Movers and Packers Dubai to make sure you have the right idea about what to pack and not.

Not Marking the Boxes

When you will reach your destination then you will need something from boxes but the problem is that you have packed your boxes without a marker. You will have to go through tons of boxes just to find a sheet or blanket. This is a common mistake by people who call office movers in Dubai especially as there is a huge number. Often time people get overconfident that they will identify each box once they will reach their house. They will not label their box and end up creating a mess. Despite having a good memory and moving size, it is always recommended to label every box. Or use sharpies or black markers every time you pack a box and name it like clothing, small appliances, games, books, etc, or in case of using color labels to label boxes such as a red label for electronic sensitive items and green for documents and alike.

Packing Everything by Yourself

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes committed by many of us as many of us will want to pack everything by ourselves and this includes the entire stuff in our house. Keep in mind you aren’t trained to pack everything on your own as not only this will be time-consuming but it will also take a lot of effort to pack your entire house. On the other hand, Professional Movers and Packers Dubai have experienced staff that can pack your belongings safely and sound so they can be delivered to your destination with a single scratch. Not only just that, but they can also manage heavy appliances and furniture as well without spending too much time and effort.

Bottom Line

Even though you will have a circle of friends and family members but you will not be able to pack your stuff with them properly because just like you they aren’t also trained for this. This is why you shouldn’t rely on them and call the professional movers in Dubai to pack your belongings without any problem. You can get a quote from different moving companies to find the right one for you such as VIP movers who can provide you with the best of the best packing and moving services with a staff who knows how to get things done without any hitch and wasting time. You can contact me right now to get a free estimate before hiring to get an idea about how things should be completed.

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