Over time companies grow and when they will grow they will look for the right building or floor where they can transfer their business activities. However, things don’t seem that easy because there is a fine difference between residential moving and corporate office moving. Whether it is scaling up or downsizing for efficiency, or moving out to another city, there will be a huge number of components that will need to be taken care of. Though companies with a considerable number of employees may think that calling their employees to do some extra work can create further problems which is why it is recommended to get in touch with professional office relocation services in Dubai and here is more to know about.

Advance Planning Is Must

When you know it is time to move your office or you have an idea in advance that you will have to move to another location then it is always recommended that you start to plan. You should start your planning to move as early as 4-6 months as it will give you plenty of time to think about managing stuff in the office without interrupting business activities. Once you have planned to move out then analyze the space and lay out the location. This will enable you to plan in advance your needs for new office equipment and even your employee can plan as well on their own for new space. You can also create a floor plan or come up with a map and make it available to movers so everyone knows how to plan ahead.

Hire Commercial Movers Early

As mentioned earlier that there is a fine difference between residential and commercial moving as office moving often involves a huge number of equipments so you should get an advance estimate to avoid the last-minute rush. Also, they should have experience with the office moving as well and ask them for the onsite quote or even better, or you can get recommendations from your network that have e experienced a move already. Make sure the Professional movers and packers Dubai will have the same professionalism as anyone in this field.

Prepare The IT Team In Advance

Prepare your IT team in advance by giving them advance notice so they will transfer the technical stuff such as technical equipment, phone connections, and internet plans. They will evaluate the office space first to look for any upgrades from infrastructure upgrades to equipment upgrades. While relocating your office you will want to make sure that the whole process goes smoother so business activities could start normally as soon as possible.

Reduce Your Stuff

Office relocation is the right time to get rid of the stuff you don’t need. If there are unnecessary papers, shred them. If there is any unused furniture lying in-store collecting dust for years then sell it and equipment that you don’t need, donate them. These donations can be used as tax right-off as well so ask your accountants to document everything you are donating and need in the future.

Guide Your Employees To Be Organized

When employees are about to pack their supplies and belongings from existing space then ask them to put their name or mark their boxes on multiple places as this will help the movers to put their stuff accordingly and they can put the stuff according to the provided layout. To make things extra clear, you should put name cards in the right location so the movers can easily organize and put the stuff accordingly.

Go For Insurance

If you are about to rent the trucks then you should get insurance first. Though your private insurance can cover your car rental damages moving trucks can be a different story. If the insurance is from your moving company then ask them about what they are covering within the insurance and how it will protect your belongings. Go a step further and look for proof of insurance as well. This will be helpful in determining if commercial movers Dubai is offering any coverage or not so you know that you are responsible to pay any moving-related injuries to your employees.

Update Your Contact Information

As you are moving to the new location, you should be changing your address everywhere from your website to your visiting card. And one of the best ways to do this is to change the address on your website. To change it on further resources contact your bank, post office, and like, if you are billing the clients then ask them strictly to update your address and send their bills to that address. Search your business name too often online and you can find your business listed in several directories. If you find their old address then it is the right time to update your address.

Work With the Professionals

Whatever happens, don’t you ever ask your employees to spend some extra time moving the office types of equipment and belonging? First of all, they aren’t supposed to unless the company cannot afford commercial Packers and Movers in Dubai. Also, they aren’t trained to pack heavy copiers, printers, desktops, and monitors that aren’t just expensive but hard o repair in most cases so you should definitely avoid asking them and call the professional Office Movers in Dubai for a better moving experience. Not only they will provide good help but they will also come up with unique solutions to make your office moving convenient. Companies such as VIP movers are known to provide quality office moving services to their corporate clients so make sure you contact them when you are relocating your office.

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